Local Attractions and Activities

Driving Distances From Porto Fiscardo
Destination Distance Duration of Trip
Alaties beach & taverna 10 kms 20 minutes
Assos Village 20 kms 25 minutes
Myrtos beach 30 kms 35 minutes
Melisani Lake 40 kms 45 minutes
Drogarati Cave 45 kms 50 minutes
Sami 50 kms 55 minutes
St Jerusalem beach 9 kms 20 minutes
Tourkopodaro Beach 60 kms 1 hour 10 minutes
Airport 70 kms 1 hour 30 minutes
Trapezaki Beach 70 kms 1 hour 30 minutes
Foki Beach 2 kms 3 minutes
Emblissi Beach 2 kms 4 minutes

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Water Sports

Kefalonia's coastline offers a multitude of watersports. Hire a yacht and learn to sail. Hire a speed boat and go waterskiing or cruise around on an inflatable tube. Hire a sea Kayak and explore Fiskardos beautiful pristine waters. Fishing is permitted in most areas.

Beaches on this part of Kefalonia are of the pebbly variety - not sandy. Ideal for swimming as the bays are in sheltered positions and the sea is usually calm. Whether basking on the beach or exploring the depths, you can be assured of crystal clear, cool, and clean water. Situated on the northern tip of Kefalonia, the Errisos peninsula has an interesting and varied coastline. This guide to beaches deals with beaches and coves accessible by land. There are however, numerous beaches that can only be reached by boat.

Foki Beach:

A very pretty, deep inlet about 20 minutes level stroll from Fiscardo.

Emblisi Beach:

Beautiful bay, ideal for snorkelling about 20 minute walk but up and down hill.

Dafnoudi Beach:

A beautiful secluded beach at the bottom of a steep natural valley. Better to go by car or see walking guide

Alaties Beach:

About 15 minutes by car from Fiscardo this tiny but interesting beach is well worth a visit.

Aghia Jerusalem

One of the lesser known beaches frequented mostly by locals. Excellent Taverna here too.

Surrounding the beautiful port of Fiscardo is a multitude of restaurants, tavernas, bistros, and boutiques. Get a taste of the local cuisine, relax and browse the boutiques for a bit of retail therapy.

If days of continuous relaxation on one of the worlds most beautiful beaches eventually gives you the urge to get out and active, sight seeing would definitely be the best option. There are many options to choose from when sight seeing in Fiscardo, such as: The nautical and environmental museum, ancient Greek and Roman excavation sites as well as the famous 16th century Fiscardo lighthouse.

Take a day and explore the island's nature parks and landscape, there are several hiking routes run by the environmental club which allows you to fully appreciate the beauty of Fiscardo.

After a stressful day of lounging on the beach, reading, drinking and relaxing - it would be therapeutic to visit one the many beauty spas located in several of the hotels in Fiscardo. There is even a fish spa, which uses small fish to clean and renew the skin on your feet.

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